Part 2 Reflection

We are half way through the Foundation Plus course, I particularly enjoyed on collaborate with the students from different area. I think collaborate with the others can help me to develop my idea quicker and better. It is a good chance to study from the others. Sometimes we have different ideas, so we need to combine our ideas by communicate with each other. In this course I have learnt to present my thought to the others by doing presentation after finished every project. I have learnt to use different drawing materials to show different effect. I have also learnt to do reflection every day to review the things I can improve.


Research can let me find the starting point in a project and inspire me of different ideas. I do research about historical background as my reference, such as the costume, materials and techniques from different times and countries. It can let me design the costume precisely. The collaboration project is the most successful project for me. I haven’t tried to do the set design before, but in this project I have combine set design with costume design. It makes me feel that the story and character can be clearer by making both set and costume rather than only the costume. And in this project, my partner has used projection, which present our idea in a very unusual way. I think the final outcome is the most special one in all my projects.


The problems I have experienced in Foundation Plus are making final outcomes and time management. In Brighton Rock project, I have designed a collar, but I don’t know how to make the collar. I have asked the tutor for help and also bought a book about pattern cutting. I always don’t have enough time to finish my final piece. So I make schedule for myself every day to push myself finish the work.


Since being on Foundation Plus, I have tried to make sets by using wood. In the wood workshop, there have a lot of tools for us to cut and shape the wood. I have tried to make a small mannequin by using clay so that I can make small costume for it and put it in the set. I have learnt lots of different way to do observational drawing, such as draw the contour line, one line drawing and group drawing. I have used these drawing way in my latter project. I think one

line drawing is a good way to use in life drawing.


I think I have developed my reflection and presentation skills. We are asked to do reflection every day. I think this is a good habit to review myself and help me to improve. By doing presentation to the others, I have learnt how to show my ideas to the others and let them know what I am doing. I plan to study theatre design in the coming years. I chose costume design at first, but after I watched the graduation show of Wimbledon, I found I’m interesting in theatre design because I can learn both of set design and costume design. I think the story and character can be present clearer in this way, and I am interested in study character.


My strength is I like to study historical and folk costume, including the materials and techniques. I am good at doing experiment with materials by using different techniques. And I also like to study characters and stories from different background. I expect I can learn costume cutting, technical drafting and story boarding for live performance. I’m really interested in study characters and stories. I also want to be more professional on making costume and set.


The things I need to improve during the rest of the course:

  1. Costume cutting and construction. I can learn from the books about pattern cutting and techniques of making, and also ask tutor for help.
  2. Model-making. I can do more practice of making model by using wood and metal workshop.
  3. Time management. Making schedule for myself every day and finish the works on time.
  4. Costume drawing. Practice drawing by using different drawing materials and look at the others’ drawing.




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